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  • What information do I need to send you to confirm availability for my date?
    You can click on get in touch and fill out the contact form or email us with the following information: 1. Your event date 2. Type of event 3. Getting ready location 4. Venue 5. Services requested and headcount for each 6. Photographer arrival time/ready by time 7. If photos will be done before or after ceremony 8. Ceremony time 9. Desired hair and/or makeup look 10. if additional bridal touch ups are needed
  • Do you have a team of artists if I have a large bridal party?
    Yes! We have a team of experienced hairstylists, makeup artists and HMUA's based in Westchester, NYC, Connecticut & Hudson Valley! Typically, the lead will perform up to 5 services max and 6 services max for each additional artist! Final count is based on ready by time and artists are based on your needs and availability. However, we do try to secure the artists closest to your location to avoid higher travel fees.
  • Do you travel for weddings?
    Yes! We go where the weddings take us. Please note - airfare, travel fees and overnight accommodations may apply for your location.
  • Can we add another artist if I want to reduce our getting ready time?
    While we can't guarantee it, we will do our best to accommodate based on availability. We know the schedule can seem like a lot at times, but it will be a relaxed and fun filled morning, regardless of how many hours you need. We promise you'll wish you had longer ;)
  • What if I want to schedule an appointment prior to booking you?
    While preview appointments are scheduled a maximum of 3 months prior to your date, we can offer to book a standard appointment for you. Given the high volume of inquires, your date is only secured with a signed contract and retainer. We suggest booking a standard appointment ASAP to avoid your date no longer being available.
  • When do you recommend booking?
    The sooner the better to avoid your date being unavailable! For reference, we suggest inquiring 12-18 months prior for peak season (May-November) or if your wedding falls on a holiday weekend and 6-12 months minimum for anything outside of that timeframe.
  • How do I secure my wedding date?
    Once you've looked over our welcome guide and decide you like what you see, we will jump on a call to discuss your details and answer any questions you have. If we are a good fit for each other and you decide you want to move forward, we will send you a detailed contract for you to sign and a custom invoice. 50% will be due up front to secure your date and the remainder will be due 2 weeks prior to your event. If your wedding falls within 90 days, the full balance will be due.
  • Can I make adjustments to services once I book?
    Unfortunately, due to the fact that your team is secured once you book and all details are laid out, we are not able to cancel services. We always recommend booking services you are 100% certain about. We know things happen sometimes, so you are welcome to find a replacement for that person if someone can no longer receive the services booked.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    While Zelle is our preferred method of payment, we will accept credit card payments. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to pay by card so we can adjust your invoice according. A 3% credit card processing fee will apply.
  • How do I go about providing gratuity for all the artists?
    Gratuity is always appreciated, as it truly shows how much you love the looks our team worked hard to create for you! If paying by card, you are able to apply gratuity to your final balance on our booking platform, 17hats. You can also send a Zelle payment to me and I will distribute it alongs your artists. Lastly, you can collect the gratuity and hand it to me in an envelope on the day of your wedding.
  • Where can I find a list of your pricing?
    I've created a welcome guide with all the information you need to decide if we are a good fit for your wedding day beauty services.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We do not offer discount and our rates are non-negotiable. A lot goes into making sure you have a seamless experience with our team, aside from the services provided itself. It is important to value and compensate our artists what they are worth.
  • Do you charge travel fees?
    Travel fees apply per artists. We calculate the expected round trip time from each artists location @ $75/hr for your lead artist and $50/hr per additional.
  • Do you charge a fee if my wedding falls on a holiday?
    Yes! We are giving up precious time to be with family and friends on a prime holiday date, so we charge accordingly. For all holiday and holiday weekends, a $500 fee will apply. There will be a $150 fee per additional artist.
  • Do you charge less if I want partial makeup/hair or a very simple look?
    We charge a flat rate regardless of the look you decide on. Services are booked for the same timeframe no matter how "simple" or "glam" you want to go for hair and makeup.
  • Why do vendor rates vary so much?
    There are a multitude of reasons rates may vary. Depending on the artist you are contacting, rates can vary depending on location, experience, artistry, etc. Every artist will provide different value, so just be prepared with a general sense of what you are comfortable and willing to spend on hair and makeup.
  • Are bridal previews mandatory?
    While previews are not mandatory, we strongly recommend them! It relieves a lot of pressure and uncertainty you may feel about your hair and makeup. While we are professionals, you are a fresh face and it's nice to get to know your preferences and see how a look wears on you specifically. It's the perfect time to have some fun to nail down your look and make any minor adjustments necessary.
  • Where will my preview appointment take place?
    All preview appointments are performed at our studio location in Cortlandt Manor, NY
  • When will I book my preview appointment?
    Preview appointments are held up to 3 months prior to your event date when your major details are all finalized. This is to ensure your hair and skin will reflect as closely to how it will on the wedding day. This will give us enough time to make any necessary recommendations and adjustments.
  • When is the payment due for my preview appointment?
    We require 50% along with your signed contract when booking your preview appointment. The remaining balance is due 2 days prior to your appointment as is non-refundable.
  • Do you offer weekend preview appointments?
    Given the nature of our business that most of our weekends are filled with weddings and events, we are currently holding trials Monday through Wednesday. We can be flexible with timing, but a morning appointment is recommended to see how your looks wears throughout the day.
  • How long do bridal previews take?
    Bridal Previews can take around 1-2 hours for just hair or makeup and up to 3-4 hours for both. During your preview, we do a lot of consulting and note taking which takes up a good portion of our time together!
  • What if I live out of state and can't come to your studio for a preview?
    We understand not everyone is able to make it prior to the wedding. We are happy to book a virtual appointment, where will go over your inspiration and talk through a game plan. During this appointment, we can discuss any recommendations we might have to prepare you for the big day. Please note, fees will apply for virtual appointments.
  • What should I bring to my preview appointment?
    We recommend you to wear a low cut white top or dress to your appointment. You should bring all of your wedding day accessories. This includes any jewelry, hairpiece, veil etc. you may be wearing for the day of to see how your look ties together with your hair and/or makeup. If you are only receiving one service, you should come with the other done to ensure you can visualize your look.
  • Can I bring a guest with me to my preview appointment?
    While we love the supportive family and friends, we ask that you leave your guests at home. We want the sole focus to be on YOU and what you truly want. This is a very detailed appointment and solidifying your look can be very challenging for most brides. However, we are happy to share the videos and photos we take during your appointment with you!
  • Can my mom schedule a preview appointment?
    Yes, while it doesn't happen as often, we welcome others to schedule a preview appointment as well. All previews are charged at the same rate and follow the same scheduling structure. Please let us know ahead of time if someone in your party wants to set up an appointment.
  • What is the best way to prepare for makeup?
    *Please have 1-2 inspirational photos in hand when arriving for your service.* Please arrive early with a CLEAN face with no trace of makeup. Artists will be equipped with products for all skin types. If you have any skin concerns, sensitivity or allergies to products, please let us know ahead of time. You may bring unused and unopened products and new brushes, however all products must be approved by us. Please avoid experimenting with any new skin care products or treatments the days following up to your service to avoid unexpected reactions. You should hydrate heavily and do a lip scrub leading up to the event. All clients should bring a lip color of choice for touch ups.
  • What is the best way to prepare for hair services?
    *Please have 1-2 inspirational photos in hand when arriving for your service.* Clients must come with thoroughly CLEAN, smooth (blown out), knot and conditioner/product free hair. Hair must be washed the night prior and COMPLETELY DRY at the time of service. Any oil in the scalp prevents your stylist from properly prepping and creating a long lasting style, and especially affects the amount of volume that can be made. As your hairstylist, we will use our best judgement to decide whether your hair is capable of styling successfully. If our prep guidelines are not met, we reserve the right to refuse services or require you to wash and dry your hair before services can be performed. If hair is wet/damp at the time of service, a $65 blow dry fee will apply as it is considered an additional service, if timing allows us to do so. The only exception is in the case a client needs a blow out ONLY (no hot tools other than blow dryer). In this situation, clients may come with DAMP hair. Prep from Rehearsal Dinner: If you are receiving professional services for your rehearsal, please make sure your hair is thoroughly clarified and minimal conditioner and products are used. If your style requires a lot of products, you must wash your hair the night prior and follow the above prep guidelines.
  • What if my hair doesn't hold a curl well?
    If your hair doesn't hold curls well, we always recommend some variation of an updo. At the very least we recommend half up to help with longevity of your style. As artists, we have tools and products that will help give more volume and hold, however some things are outside of the control of your artist. If you are adamant about wearing your hair down, we strongly suggest extensions as they will help with hold. The same goes for fine hair as well - an updo and/or extensions will make a world of difference.
  • What if I have naturally curly hair?
    If you have very curly hair and want a style that involves a different curl or straighter texture, please come with your hair blown out smooth. if you are wearing your hair with your natural curl pattern, you may come with your DRY, natural curls. Please do not prep your hair with a straightener prior to services, as your style will not hold.
  • What if I want extensions for the wedding?
    We love the idea of clients getting extensions to add more volume, length or hold! Please consult with your artist to decide the best option for your extensions (clip-ins, sew-in, tied, taped, etc.). You can either have your regular salon install extensions ahead of time or purchase your own clip-in extensions before your bridal preview and/or day of. For the bride, applying clip-ins are included in the price, but if a bridal party member wishes to use them, we should be notified before hand so that we can fit in extra time. An extra application fee applies for bridal party members wanting to use their clip-ins.
  • I have a bad skin or hair condition and I'm not sure about getting services. What should I do?
    Please disclose any skin conditions, medical conditions, or allergies prior to receiving services. Depending on the severity, we reserve the right to refuse services for sanitary and safety reasons. Please contact us ahead of time if you are unsure if you can receive services or not.
  • Do I need to bring anything the day of the event?
    For our brides, we give a complimentary touch up kit that includes a sample of lip color. You do have the option to buy a full sized lip product if you wish, but either way you are covered. All clients outside of the bride(s) are recommended to bring their own lip color for their own touch up as the day/night goes. We will apply and use our own lip products at the time of service, but will not be giving out samples. *Please have 1-2 inspirational photos in hand when arriving for your service.*
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