Meet Amy

Photo Credits: Federico Photography Studio

Hi! I'm Amy, a hair stylist and makeup artist based in Westchester, NY. Beauty runs from within in my Family. My aunt was a hair stylist and ever since I can remember I have loved all things beauty. I've discovered over the years how much I love to create. Each of my clients is a clean slate, a blank canvas for me to express my creativity.


Hair Color, Makeup, and Hair Styling are my 3 loves. Hair color has always been my first love in the industry. Balayage is my favorite form of hair color and allows me to really play with your features and skin tone to customize the perfect look for you.


Makeup and hair styling allows me to express so much through art. No canvas is ever the same, which is what I love most about it. I have found such a passion for makeup and styling, you will often find me doing it on my free time. It is my stress reliever, my creative outlet - I love a challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone to create a look. I rarely create the same look twice since everyone has such different features, texture and skin. 

My favorite is when all of my passions come together and I can create the ultimate customized look on your wedding day. I have had several of my clients become brides and met so many of their friends and family who have in turn become my brides and I just love it. Being able to travel to different venues/hotels and share in the special moments with a bride and her bridal party is so magical.


Bottom Line - I love to make women feel beautiful in their own skin - each and every person is so different and I love that I can use your vision to express my love for this art!  I turned my passion into my career and I hope it shows through my work how much I love doing what I do! 


Video Credit: Desert Bloom Creative